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The Gold Speculator investment newsletter focuses on intermediate and long term speculation in the commodities market. Speculators that put their capital behind the major trends (either bull or bear) tend to do very well when they discriminate correctly between the two.  The problem for most who take the longer view is correctly identifying the distant environment, much like the blue ocean sailor who must rely on cues from the stars, wind, and current to reach his objective safely.

The very volatility of markets provides opportunity for the more frequent trader. Every day, institutions, professional money managers and individual investors make and billions of trades in stocks, bonds and commodities. When Wall Street opens, the London exchange (FTSE) has already traded for five hours, and the Asian markets have already closed. Chances are, the speculator can find an open market almost anytime somewhere around the globe.

We established the Model Aggressive Portfolio service to help frequent traders make better trading decisions. This is a weekly subcption service for aggressive traders. Subscribers to The Gold Speculator MAP service receive online access to near term profit opportunity recommendations and trading set ups. MAP recommendations are not limited to the precious metals segment. As with any market recommendation service, there is risk off loss. There are no guarantees in risk-on trading. There is only the opportunity for gain for those who can tolerate the risk.

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