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The Gold Speculator is an investment newsletter that focuses on gold, silver and gold and silver stocks. Speculators and investors benefit from newsletter recommendations of the Model Conservative Portfolio (MCP) which has been constructed to return stable growth and capital gains by speculation in commodities, in particular gold and silver, and gold and silver mining stocks.

Subscribers to The Gold Speculator receive investment recommendations every two weeks by online access or US Mail, and Special Bulletins as they happen.

The Gold Speculator continues in the tradition of its successful predecessor newsletter, The One-handed Economist which was founded by the late business partner of the editor.

The Gold Speculator incorporates the fundamental belief that free markets and sound money create the best path to prosperity for individuals and society. Austrian theory captures these principles and forms the basis for a true understanding of money, markets and business cycles.

Subscribers to The Gold Speculator take action to protect themselves, their families and their assets from the ravages of unchecked government intervention in the markets which is causing unprecedented debasement of the currency.

The simple truth is individuals can best preserve their natural rights to individual liberty and prosperity by acting on their own behalf.

With The Gold Speculator, you decide if our recommendations are right for you.

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